Best Toys for Everyone from 2020 Toy Fair

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New York Toy Fair happened for 116th time last year and to say that it was big would be an understatement. Visitors took delight in costumes, life-size transformers, hundreds of things to ride on, all sorts of tech toys and gadgets, STEM games, coding projects, figurines, stuffed animals, and LEGO galore.

It's extremely hard to pick best 15 from literally a hundred thousand toys, but this is what stood out for us:

1. Berg Go 2 - $119

This ride on toy grows together with your child. The pedals can be tucked in for balancing and scooting at first and then rolled out for pedaling. The tires never deflate and the rare wheels are positioned close together to be out of the way for scooting training.

2. LEGO 20th Anniversary Star Wars Pod Racer - $30

Lego Star Wars Toys

This is a very nice price for such a big set. It comes with 279 pieces and celebrates LEGO working with Star Wars for 20 years. This is not the only set to commemorate this occasion, but we liked the price and value ratio the best.

3. STEM - Think Fun Thinking Putty Puzzle - $30

Instead of playing iPhone game Flow, let your child work on this, think, and have fun. There are 60 different tasks that include lines from putty that have to connect same color dots without intersecting. This is perfect for all genders and a wide range of ages.

4. Imaginext DC Super Friends Transforming Batmobile R/C - $50

A push of the button can make this car go not just forward and backward, but also open up into a loaded super car fit for any batman around or for catching the bad guys in the living room.

5. Playmonster Yeti Forgetti board game - $30

This game is a continuation of Yeti series and doesn't disappoint with fun memory training. Kids will love picking cards, moving them around, and trying to remember where the Yetis are hidden.

6. Big Mouth Demogorgon Sprinkler - $100

It's not cheap, but it's sure big and loads of fun in the summertime. You can connect a hose to it and let kids loose around this sprinkler. The little ones might be scared at first, but bigger ones will definitely appreciate the Stranger Things theme.

7. Thames & Kosmos Air-Walker - $45

It is coming later this year and will definitely be a hit. It walks along vertical surfaces with the help of pumps and suction cups, looks happy, and needs to be built by kids.

8. Blume Dolls - $10

This doll is small and made of foam, but since it's a surprise, kids go crazy for it. These dolls are taking over the spot of LOLs and Hatchimals by storm. It needs a little bit of water and it grows into cute soft doll with its own living quarters inside the pot.

9. PowerUp 4.0 - $50

This is one of the best flying toys we have seen. Paper planes with little engines controlled by Bluetooth? Bring it on! This newest version has two propellers for more stunts in the air. You can control this plane with an iPhone.

10. Twee Mason's Planets Sidewalk Chalk Set - $39

The chalks from Twee always look like some tasty or interesting objects and this time it's planets. The chalks are sphere shaped and have multiple colors inside, so draw away and reveal the secrets of Solar system planets.

11. LeapFrog LeapBuilders ABC Smart House - $35

Little builders of 18 months and older can create an impressive house from 60 blocks. Some blocks are interactive and will play music, name colors, or ask kids questions to help guide the building efforts.

12. Squeezable Ocean Buddies from Tikiri - $10

They might get dirty pretty fast and not last too long, but they sure are affordable and tons of fun for a while. They are perfect for bath time, jiggly, and have some proceeds go towards ocean cleanup efforts.

13. Two Bros Bows for outside - $40

Let them get some exercise and outdoor fun with this set that includes a case for bow, soft arrows, and a target. This is better and more wholesome for kids than plastic guns.

14. Tiki Toss Free Toss - $30

It reminds us of the past when tossing a basketball was what every family did by their house. This mini version is amazing for small motor skill development and active playtime together.

15. Gund Line Friends “Brown” stuffed bear - $30

This teddy bear comes from immensely popular Line Friends from emoji franchise. It's soft, kind of sad or indifferent, but very lovable.

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